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What is neurofeedback ?

Neurofeedback is a specialized and advanced form of biofeedback that gives information back to you about your brainwave activity as it is occurring. Neurofeedback can also be called Neurotherapy, EEG Biofeedback or Neurobiofeedback
The electricity generated by Central Nervous System (CNS) processing can be detected by sensors placed on the scalp and displayed on a monitor in real time. This is called the Electroencephalograph or EEG. With specially designed computer software, information about the performance and behaviour of the Brain and the CNS as a whole is then presented back to the individual via visual and auditory perception. The additional information enables the Brain to improve its information processing capacity, efficiency, resiliency, and learning such that long-term outcomes can be achieved.
People using Neurofeedback have experienced relief from a vast array of psychological, emotional & medical conditions along with considerable personal and spiritual growth. Neurofeedback is also widely used by people whom want to increase physical and mental performance, such as athletes, sportspeople, businesspeople, musicians, performers, and students.

Neuroptimal® Neurofeedback

NeurOptimal® neurofeedback is a unique, leading edge, state-of-the-art, Neurofeedback system that works directly with the psychological healing and transformational capacity of the Brain and the Central Nervous System (CNS).

After many years’ experience with multiple Neurofeedback systems and realising the limitations of a classical approach, Dr Valdeane Brown from the ZENGAR institute in Canada utilised his comprehensive knowledge to generate a remarkable breakthrough in Neurofeedback technology. Most importantly, Dr Brown recognised the CNS as a Nonlinear Dynamical System and understood its complexity, interactivity with other body and environmental systems, its dynamic operation, self-organising ability, and profound transformational capacity. Appreciating the brain could not be understood adequately via existing approaches, he designed a Neurofeedback system from the ground up to engage the incredible natural capacity of the CNS for healing, improved performance, and transformation; so as to bring about profound change with ease and simplicity.

NeurOptimal® monitors a broad EEG spectrum from both hemispheres of the brain simultaneously, rather than focusing on content or any particular EEG frequency as do other systems. The specially designed computer software and EEG hardware is designed to detect a particular type of turbulence that is characteristic of a transformational system operating less than optimally, this system, namely your brain is unable to utilise its processing and transformational capacity optimally. Such sub-optimal processing is generally caused by stress and lifestyle factors inherent in living in the modern world. This turbulence detection, is unique to NeurOptimal®, and the information is fed back into the Brain in real time via auditory and visual perception, which enables a natural fluid improvement: Particularly in terms of processing efficiency, stability, adaptability, resiliency, and increased transformational ability. Qualities that are essential for healing, performance and improved behavioural outcomes.

Since the late 1990’s, NeurOptimal® has been utilised internationally in the fields of Psychological Health, Optimal Performance, and Spiritual Growth and Development, with consistently beneficial wide-ranging and highly effective long-lasting outcomes. The rapidly growing international community of NeurOptimal® trainers support the Zengar Institute in its commitment to ongoing research and development for ever increasing beneficial outcomes and ease of use. Advances in the design of NeurOptimal® are such that the system is now available outside of the clinical setting for widespread use.

Difficulty concentrating

 Emotional difficulty

Reduced awareness


 Poor coping strategies

 Diminishing sense of personal power

Impared mind body coordination

 Cognitive noise

 Loss of sense of self

Impared eye hand coordination 

 Cognitive instability

 Poor impulse controll

Learning difficulty

 Personality instability


Difficulty maintaining focus

 Reduced physical health

 Lack of adaptability

Poor response times 

 Rigid beliefs

 Loss of clarity

Difficulty with decision making

 Cognitive decline

 Sleep disturbance

Reduced problem solving capacity 

 Impared immune system

 Reduced copin


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